Friday, November 10, 2017

Let's Talk Group Chats, Tags and Groups

Have You ever logged on tho Facebook to find yourself added to a group without being asked, Or a Chat with Hundreds of people, Or tagged in a Biz opp post with a few hundred strangers?

I have and It used to really make me angry. I used to get very angry about it because I felt resentful in a way that I had invested all this time to improve my skills and build a solid following and 'they' had not. 
Silly in hindsight really. 
In this FB LIVE, I share with you what happened when my friend added me to a Very large chat and how new marketers can avoid situations where they repel or create resistance in their prospective customers and business partners. This video will help anyone get the ball rolling in their business the right way.

Key Takeaways here are:

  1. Listen To Your Gut
  2. Commit to learning real prospecting
  3. Avoid Shortcuts
  4. Ignore your current circumstance and focus on your long-term vision
  5. Don't be afraid to apologize
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Big Love,
Coach Tara

Friday, November 3, 2017

How To Get Over Setbacks FAST

We all have em, Setbacks, Disappointments and they all have an important role to play in our growth.
In today's Live Video I share with you How to get over those setbacks FAST.

Here are some tips to help you move Back to the Track You are born to be on:

  1. Give Yourself a break
  2. When you are feeling sorry for yourself, set a timer, Never wallow longer than ONE minute
  3. Detach yourself from Yesterday, its the past for a reason
  4. Count your blessings
  5. Write it Down " I am so blessed and highly favored! Oh Yes, I am so Blessed and Highly favored and I KNOW This Because......."
  6. Make Your Decision, And Continue to Make it Everyday
  7. CELEBRATE even the Smallest of your wins. 
  8. Take celebrating SERIOUSLY
Express yourself and bless people with your experiences, You never know how much you help a person, Including YOU!

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Big Love,
Coach Tara 

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

How To Develop Posture in Your Business

One of the biggest questions I hear from Clients and Teammates is:

"How Do I Develop Posture?"

First, let me explain to you What Posture Is NOT:
Posture is not being mean
Posture is not Faking
Posture is not pretending to be your VA and Spamming people because you are "Too Busy" To Do your own Prospecting

Posture is:
Having your Priorities In Order and managing yourself in time with those priorities as your guide.

How to develop Posture NOW :

In your favorite visualization method, see yourself as the person that has already achieved those BIG Goals.

Does That YOU allow your time to be wasted by doing things that are not valuable for your time?
Do You allow skeptics to bring you down?
Do you allow people to waste your time with LONG presentations or Extended and unproductive conversations?
Do You allow yourself to engage in tasks that do not bring you joy in the BIG picture?
Do you Find yourself in situations that do not serve your highest good?

If your Dreams and Goals are BIG, You do not do any of those things.
You need to make room for your Success by demanding that it be part of your growth NOW.

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Big Love,
Coach Tara

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Go Where the Fire Is... My Take On the Daily Ray

Do you ever find yourself Spending tons of time and energy with people that just aren't willing to do the work? Are you REWARDING inaction? We teach people How we want to be treated, We teach people the value of our time. For the success of your Team, it is important to teach people how to be duplicated. Here is my Take on Tuesday's Daily Ray...

My BIG Three Take-A-Ways:

  1. 80% of your Time Should be On Your Own Personal Production
  2. Work With instead of FOR your Teammates
  3. Stick to the Duplicatable System You Already have in place and STOP trying to reinvent the wheel

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Big Love,
Coach Tara

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Monday, October 23, 2017

If, When, Then. . . My Take on the Daily Ray

Dear Reader,

Today's Daily Ray, 'If, When, Then' was Out of this world. Ray Higdon taught us about a Very powerful exercise we can do to help us Get Better results in life and business.
In this video, I am teaching you this technique from my perspective.

"If I am in a situation when my 'bad habit' usually occurs, Then I do 'desired habit' instead."
Identify the situation
Identify the Negative response
Implement The Desired response


If I am traveling, instead of eating fast food, I will eat proper meals.

If I am feeling tired and frustrated, instead of going over to my friends to drink, I will prospect One more person on facebook.

If use the word 'Overwhelmed', Instead of allowing that feeling to be my reward, I will write down 3 things I can do right now, and do them.

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Coach Tara

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Ask Yourself Better Questions

Dear Reader,

Today I give my spin on The Daily Ray topic inside of Rank Makers. 

"How Can I" Rather than.... "How Come"...


Big Love,
Coach Tara

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