Work With Coach Tara

First things First, I want to thank you for even considering partnering directly with me. It is an Honor. I have been in this profession for over 7 years, full time for 3 and Have come to the place where I can Truly serve my team. I would Love to Partner with you If…. you are 100% dead serious about Building Your Business. There are a few things you should have in place and if not, I give you the opportunity to Acquire these things Right Now:

1- Web Based Email and Domains:
You need these to Run a professional business and become profitable. Your Email will not get delivered if you do not have a Web Based Email. You will not be able to Mask a Long link with out A Domain. These things are KEY. I use Go Daddy International for My Web Based Email and For my  Domains. I chose this because it Not only provides excellent service and product, the Affiliate side provides a profit. It is WISE to earn affiliate commissions of of products you use, and the sooner you start the better off your business will be.

2- Landing Pages and Autoresponder:

Buy It ONCE Use it Forever! I Love Landing Page Monkey!
-==>> Get It HERE

You Need to Be able To build Your Own List and Communicate with the people who opt in. I will not allow Another Team mate to Build Yet another Companies Email list, ever again. If you are DEAD serious about Making this YOUR career, You must have the Capability to Present Your Offers AFTER you have gathered Emails and Names. The System I use Provides the MOST value For the Smallest Investment. Be Sure to become an affiliate so You can Earn Commissions from it as well.

Once All of that Is Set Up, I will Show you My Primary Business Offer. If you already have ALL of these Tools : Web based Emails, Domains, Landing Pages and Autoresponders,EXCELLENT. Send me Confirmation of this, as I insist my business partners to be set up for Success. Disclaimer, I can not provide Training and Support For these tools if You do not have The ones I have offered. The ones I have selected have been VERY carefully Thought out. All of them offer affiliate Commissions, so Do not leave any money on the table, Be Sure you Take the Affiliate offer with them as well as the Product. [ I have learned, The faster You can make Commission from a product, The Faster You will earn money, Especially since You will be requiring All of these things From Your New Partners as well ]