Monday, October 27, 2014

Get Response | The Double Opt In

First PLEASE excuse me, I have a Bit of a cough in this video.
I decided To make this Tutorial After I saw I had some Bounces. Now My account is brand new and I discovered I  needed to Take some Extra steps to Be Sure I avoid the Dreaded Bounce Emails!

This video shows You how to Ensure Your subscribers KNOW exactly who you are and Double Opt in to your List. This will greatly reduce the amount of Bounce emails and Spam complaints. 
Its Important that You do this because YOU want a CLEAN and engaged List. If your List is filled with Unresponsive Subscribers, You will be sending emails and engaging in relationships That Do not Deserve To Be on your List. 

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Coach Tara
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Sunday, October 26, 2014

WHY You NEED to Purchase Alex Jefferys SUPERLIST 2 0 NOW

WATCH the Video :)
If You Are an Entrepreneur and are Not Creating Income On Demand from your Mailing list,YOU NEED to Purchase Alex Jeffery's "Super List 2.0" TODAY. All You need to invest to Learn EVERYTHING you Need to Know, is $10. Alex will be taking this offer away OCTOBER 31st. Thats FRIDAY. 

I Knew I had To Have this course Because I do not have a responsive Mailing List. I send out Emails, And Some times I get Lucky. I knew that I needed to Learn How Alex Builds Hit List. He Does not Purchase Solos, He Does not Give a Free Offer to entice New Subscribers. NONE of That!

He Provides Massive Value For A Nominal investment. An Amount You Can not Refuse, if you are serious at all about your Business.

If You Dont Have 10 bucks and a few hours of time to learn, You might as well GIVE Up your Online Business NOW because I am not sure You will make it.

Who is this course for?
Internet Marketers 
Network Marketers
Life Coaches
Business Coaches
Golf Pros
Local Business Owners
Multilevel Marketers
Product Developers

LITERATELY: If You are in Business, YOU NEED this course.
Don't wait, because every time someone purchases, the Investment Goes Up. I paid $7.21 two days ago. This offer will be GONE FRIDAY 10.31.2014
See What his students Have to say

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Motivation Manifesto | Get It FREE!

Hello Dear Readers!!
I am So excited I just Ordered My own Copy of Brendon Buchards "The Motivation Manifesto" And I am Getting It FREE!
Gave me an Idea; I used to have book club meetings A lot, but got away from it for whatever reason And Figured
to Start one Again!!

As Soon as we Have 3 Members that have Ordered The Book, We can Begin Meetings
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We will Be Studying The Motivation Manifesto And You can Get this Book For FREE HERE

Lets Achieve More FASTER and Together With This FREE Book And our Book Study Club!!

Okay Mine is on the way!! Super excited To Grow with you!
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Vulnerability | Day 6

Today I am Writing to share with you Something that exposes my vulnerability. I do this So that my readers Can understand they are not alone with theirs.

Being Bullied

As a Child and Teenager I was subject to Bullying. At the time I truly thought it was a refection of who I truly was. A Reveal of my 'badness', evidence of my inner horror.
I spent most of my life depressed and feeling alone. The Bullying added to my feeling of inability.
Every time I felt on the verge of accomplishing some success, I resorted to self sabotage.
I Quit every instrument I ever played.
I quit Acting.
I quit Ballet.
I WANTED badly to Quit School.
I Almost Quit Life.
I Quit Striving for what I wanted as soon as I saw that I was about to attain Success.
I opted out.
I coped out.
I drown my sorrows.
Every time I did this, I validated how I felt about myself. I Reinforced my Loneliness, My Failures, My Sadness.

I Even Got Bullied as an Adult.
The Difference NOW is that I Know The Bullying Is not a reflection of WHO I AM.
It's a reflection of who the Bullies are.
It no longer stops me, it no longer feeds any insecurity.
I no longer Quit what I love. I no longer allow The hateful Things that have been said or done DEFINE who I really Am.

What I have Learned is...
That we can not allow our perceived psychology get in the way of our desires. We can not allow anyone to Make us Small. We are Completely Able to determine our own self worth.
When You Believe a Bully, You do The Greatest harm to yourself.
ONLY One person can get in your way...YOU.
My Bullies, Your Bullies, Are Lost, Sad, And Everyday they wish they were you. 
Your Bullies are Your Biggest Fans.

I Also Learned That...
We are Bigger and More beautiful, Smart and Love able than We can even Imagine.
And If you Haven't Already, Its Time to Forgive Yourself.

Here's To Our Finest Life,
Coach Tara
The Mind ReSet Coach

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Get Response | Checking your Autoresponder Delivery

Checking Your Autoresponder Delivery: Email Marketing Help.

Day 5 Feel Good Blogging Challenge

Once your Landing page is created You will come to the final Step.
You need to be sure This Box is Checked

If You have Already Received Subscribers, You can Check your Campaign in the Message center. If you have subscribers that have not received your Autoresponder campaign you can Fix that Immediately without having to have your subscribers Re Opt In.

Here's to Happy Email Marketing,
Coach Tara
The Mind ReSet Coach

Friday, October 17, 2014

10 Things Most People Don't Know About ME!

10 Things Most People don't Know about Me [PG Version]

You Will Need to watch to get The Details :)
  1. Beauty School Drop out
  2. Had a Talent Agent when I was a Kid.
  3. Obsessed With Michael Jackson as a Kid.
  4. Something About "The Whalers" [yes The Whalers of Bob Marley and the Whalers]
  5. I was Hit By a Car once and Kept it a secret.
  6. I Used to Knock on Strangers Doors [When I was Little]
  7. TARA For President!
  8. I named My Dog after An Ex Boyfriend 
  9. What Kind of Movies I like
  10. Home Alone
I Hope You Enjoyed Day 4 of the Feel Good Blogging Challenge!
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Here's To Our Finest Life,
Coach Tara
The Mind ReSet Coach

Thursday, October 16, 2014

How To Post an AD to Facebook for The First Time | Day 3

Today Im going to Show You how To Post Your FIRST Ad on Facebook!

Does Posting an ad of Facebook STRESS you Out? It Used to Stress me out BIGTIME!
This is a Simple Tutorial on how to place Your FIRST ad on Facebook with out Losing Hair or Spending a fortune.

Step One GO HERE >>

Step Two: Select The Create Ad Button on the Upper Right hand corner.
Choose The "Clicks to Website" And add your Landing Page Link to It.

Choose an Image that is 1200 x 628 [ Edit on Picmonkey if Need Be]
CAUTION: If there are words on the Image... Be sure they cover less than 25% of the Total Image. I have an example in the Video.

After You have chosen and set your Image, now you choose which Business page You want your ad to be from.
Add a CALL to Action and Use the Advanced Options!

Select Demographics, AGE, Location, Language, Sex, And More You want the Meter to be in the green, preferably in the middle or over to the Left. Too broad will destroy your Click Quality.

TIP: Choose Something that You Promote That can generate Income if A person Takes action on your Ad.


Select Your Daily Budget; How Much For How Long.


Facebook generates a Suggestion for the Bids, You choose one That is comfortable for you. Dont be afraid to Go LOWER than their suggestions, Just Beware Not to Go Too low. Ask yourself THIS when Biding for Click:
How Much is a Quality Lead Worth and How Much are You willing to Pay?

Your Ad will go into Review, you will hear From Facebook Shortly as to whether or not it has been accepted. Doesn't Take long, You will be Notified via Email AND FB notification.

Now Go Out there And Place an Ad on Facebook. Start Slow and experiment.

Please Drop me a comment and Share With the World!!
Here's to Our Finest Life,
Coach Tara
The Mind ReSet Coach

ps Check out The Legacy Lifestyle Academy HERE

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Passionate Post | Day 2

Today I write You a PASSIONATE Post! 

When I was a young girl, I was what was called a Latch Key Kid. That meant I went home from school to an empty house. Not because I was being neglected, Quite the Opposite. But because My Mom was alone with the Responsibility of raising me. She worked the grave yard shift at the local Diner as a Short order cook, and from there she went to her second Full time job, and Delivered mail.
I Literately Woke alone and got myself off to school And Came home alone.


As to be expected, I grew up and Continued the same path. One thing I never did was hold two full time jobs... No way, I don't know how my Mom did it. She had No choice, She had no one to help her at all. My Dad Never once sent a penny to help raise me. Her parents Didn't Help. My mom wasn't blessed like I was. When I had my Child, She was there for me. Working so I could go to school. Watching Sara as I was out there trying to find my way.


I Left school, Tried to be a Wall Street Broker and couldn't handle the pressure. Ended up Becoming the Best Darn Bartender You Ever Did See. For many years I struggled with never quite having enough to take care of my daughter that way I wanted to. to give her the Life I felt she should have. Don't get me wrong, Sara grew up Super mega Loved, however Money was ALWAYS an issue. We were always Broke. I worked Holidays, weekends, All the Time. What it came to was My JOB was literately Stealing away my daughters childhood and It STILL wasn't enough to make the Ends meet.


I was dating a guy at the time that recently lost his AWESOME job. I Couldn't understand why he was so upset, I figured, JUST GO GET ANOTHER ONE. He did, and it paid a third the salary he was earning before. When I asked him what he was making now, I nearly Fell down. His new job was paying Almost 40K a year! I quickly did the Math and realized, I wasn't even CLOSE to the Low Salary Job he had now, and Said WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? He was in Sales...


I became a Car Salesman! This was my first real taste of what sales was.  I met some of the Most influential people in my life at that Job. That was where I really started to grow. However, I could't sell a car to save my life and Lived out of the Draw most of my time there. I stayed in that industry for 3 years. And No matter how good I was at rapport, or the details of the cars, I could not make a go of it.


I went BACK into the Restaurant Industry, however, Florida was a whole new ball of wax. The Money was BAD, Worse than ever. it seemed as I got even better at y job, The less I got paid. I Finally found a job I LOVED and worked my way up to Kitchen Manager. Then the owner shut down the restaurant... I was lost again, on unemployment and scared to death. WAS I EVER GOING TO FIGURE THIS OUT?

WORKING for a Corporate CHAIN Changed my Life

I got hood winked, Flam Boozled, Lied to, and abused. I worked for The largest Grocery Chain in the South in the Deli. I had YEARS of experienced with Deli work and because I was on unemployment, I could not Fight back. It was the first time I was a Prisoner to my JOB. I could not afford to loose my unemployment benefits so I could not put my Foot down about How I was treated. if I lost that job, I would have lost my unemployment benefits.


There were no other jobs to get. No One hired Full time and Local Mom and Pops Simply did not exist. I literately Stayed at that corporate job until I knew I could not even walk in the door anymore. My Shoulders, and Wrists DESTROYED from the Work. I was Desperate to find a better way. I was Literately Crying on my way to work, and by the time i got home I was Crying All night. I cried when I got my pay check. I was Completely Ruined.
My Daughter was now grown, I never made the life I wanted to for her. I was the lowest I had ever been in my life.


She Asked me if I REALLY Believed I wouldn't Be Able to Make it Online? Did I knot have FAITH?
She believed in me, Why not believe in myself?


Success did not happen overnight. As a matter of Fact We went through The Poorest times I have ever experienced. We had our lights Shut off, the water turned off, I traveled to the library everyday to work and came home hungry to a dark house.
I kept Pushing, I kept goin. I Never Gave up. Was it worth it?

Several months later My Mom and I went to that Store and saw my assistant Deli manager outside having a smoke. My Mom suggested I see if they need seasonal help.. I said NO WAY. She said, "It would be Better Than Nothin..." I Said "OBVIOUSLY NOT."
That was when I was clear to me that My Mission was to SAVE people From Slave Wages.


My Mission is to help as many People transition as quickly as possible to realize their Entrepreneurial Dreams. To help them Compress their time so they could achieve success faster than I did.
I also Realized that the American worker Needed STABLE Mom and POPS to work at. Thriving local businesses to be part of. So my mission is two fold.

  • Educate and Encourage entrepreneurs
  • Educate and EMPOWER local business owners to Compete in this economy so They can continue to employ those who are not cut out for entrepreneurialism

Here's To Our Finest Life,
Coach Tara
The Mind ReSet Coach

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Who Is Tara Woodruff? Q&A |Day 1

Who Is Tara Woodruff? I will Answer that here in a moment.

I have decided to Join A Feel Good blogging challenge and Today is day ONE!
Super Stoked because I know I am going to meet some awesome people Read new blogs and Have some Fun! Feel free to join in with us!

Here are Some FUN Tara Facts I don't mention in the Video:

  1. I'm a night owl
  2. I Am an only Child YET I live with 4 generations of Woman! My Mother, Daughter and Grand daughter! And we cant forget about My grand daughters Dad too!
  3. I Love Dogs and have rescued 4!
  4. I Love gardening!
  5. I love design, I can spend hours designing a Room !

I Hope You Have Enjoyed This Post! Please Share and Leave me a comment!

Here's to our Finest Life,
Coach Tara
The Mind ReSet Coach

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Do's and Dont's Of Local Marketing

The DO’S

1.       TARGET: Your product should meet the needs of an extensive group of customers, but it’s clear that you cannot target all the customers at the same time. So first of all you have to target those customers who fall under the category of your niche.
Marc on Flicker

2.      RESEARCH: Yeah, everyone knows that it’s very time consuming to research or find out the best info about any niche. It also needs a good budget, too. But it’s also been seen that “quality research” is a significant part of successful marketing that provides you with the valuable stuff.
Via ShutterStock

3.      ENGAGE: Interacting with customers is the best form of engagement. Answering their questions, discussing the product, etc. allows you to know their views and feedback about your product. It also creates a sense of loyalty and friendship between the two, which is very important.
From Chocolate Pillow

4.      BENEFITS: This is another way of engaging customers. Always discuss your product’s valuable and positive points that can benefit them. Perhaps it can save them time or effort. Perhaps it will help them stay in budget. Try to tell them about every possible benefit of your product. REMEMBER Always Ask yourself FROM your Customers Perspective: WHATS IN IT FOR ME?

5.      STRIKING FEATURE: What special or stand-out feature does your product have that the others don’t? This should be a key point in your product marketing. The answers should be your marketing rockets or weapons.
From FreeThinking Cap

.      BE SIMPLE: Whenever explaining your product, be simple, short, and sweet. Speak in language that is easily understood, because your customers who are non-technical can find it tough to understand and might not purchase your product for the same reason.

7.      UPLOAD PICTURES: Images and pictures definitely play a very important role in marketing. People get a more deep and a positive feel for the product when they see images of it. Certain standards are set up in their minds after viewing a picture. It helps us in demonstrating within our niche. Pictures can be an online representation of your business.

Keep All of these in Mind With Your Marketing, especially for Marketing Your LOCAL Brick and Mortar Business.


Leave Me Tour Thoughts Below!!
Here's to Our Finest Life,
Coach Tara

Sunday, October 12, 2014

It's How Well You Take The HIT | Barbara Corcoran


It's How Well You Take The HIT, And How Long You Take To Feel Sorry For Yourself 
<--TWEET THAT From Barbara Corcoran

I Saw this Story Come Through My News Feed on Facebook And The Headline READ

Barbara Corcoran Explains The Difference Between Salespeople Making $40,000 And Those Making $8 Million From Business Insider

Barbara Corcoran's Twitter Snap Shots

As The Kind of Person I am, I could not scroll away. 
See I could care less about Shark Tank, Usually. I think I've watched it 3 times in my life... 
Its Neither Here Nor There. 
However I do Love HIGH POWER People and Ms Corcoran is one of them. 
I Hope you Enjoy this Video as much as I did. And Remember:

To Yourself!

Here's To Your Finest Life,
Coach Tara
PS Get On The Early Bird List For My FREE report
"Local Marketing Mastery"


To Grab the attention of your Local Audience more effectively Than traditional Methods, you need to put some extra efforts into your online local marketing strategy. Here are some Strategy Ideas that will help you market and Build your local business:

Be Original

1.       Be original: When coming up with your content, be original. Always opt for something different from others. Add something special and unique that people are attracted to. People should find something uncommon or never seen before.

Be Consistant

2.      Be consistent: You should be very strong in your marketing strategies.
Be consistent in your marketing, i.e., make sure that you are consistent in posting new and up-to-date content. People always love to know something new. You have to keep your information up to date and consistent.

Use Social Media

3.      Make use of social media: Promote your product using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and many others. But remember to use it in such a way that you can afford to use it often. You can post tips and tricks and how to use your product and service. You can also tell your consumers about new arrivals and special offers in your store.  You can also use social media for your business in your targeted location to drive more sales.

Ask Questions

4.      Create a survey: Find out what makes your customers motivated. Where do they work? What kind of books or magazines do they like to read? From there you can reach them better. Offer them a discount or a gift after completing the survey. These surveys should be related to your customers, referencing things they like and what they want to do, etc. These surveys will provide you information about your customers and what they like, and then you can offer them your services according to their interests.


5.      Team up with another business: This means sharing your advertising costs with other companies. Opting for this route can make larger ads more affordable. You can tell your customers about the other business you are going to promote, and they will promote you back. You can swap ad space to advertise your local business on another website. This will increase your traffic and sales.

KNOW your Customers

6.      Know the demographics of your sales area: They are the key factors in marketing. You need to know your target audience. What age, salary, number of owners, their sex, and their interests, etc. All of these criteria come in the category of demographics.

Create An Online Version of your Business

7.      Have an online presence: You are running a local business; you have to mention your local business name, address, and phone number. Having an online presence means you have a virtual version of your business, with a welcoming and informative website. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Im Taking Back Main Street

I am Taking Back Main Street!

Your Customers WANT to Find You!

However Local Marketing Is Primarily Used By National Brands... 67% of All Local Marketing is Just That.

So When YOUR potential Customers are Looking for a Business to Spend Their Money,

They Are Finding NATIONAL Corporate Brands Over YOU.

Its Time To tap into This And Take Back Main Street.

Get on the Early Bird List For My Local Marketing Mastery

FREE REPORT and Be THE First in line To Access The Marketing Strategies

YOU need To Strengthen Your Local economy By BUILDING your Business


You are Asking...

  • Can Local Economies Survive?
  • How can I SAVE my Business?
  • Can Local Businesses Survive Big Box Stores?
  • How can I get An EDGE LOCALLY with My Business?
  • I SAY YES!

Im on a Mission to BRING Back Main Street!

All Across America RIGHT NOW This Scene Continues:
From The Scooter Diaries

More From the Scooter Diaries

From My Home Town Of EAST HAMPTON New York, 
Where The ENTIRE Main Street And Newtown Lane 
Consisted Of STRONG Local Businesses Now Is More like a MALL.

Local Businesses CLOSING and CORPORATE Brands Moving In. 
GUESS where I Found THESE Photos...
Go Ahead , I'll Wait....

TUMBLR on  EastHamptonStores Blog

Not A SINGLE Featured Business on this Page is A Locally Owned Business. HOW did it Come to This?


Juicy Couture

No WONDER So many Local Families are Being Forced to Move from the Place Their Families are From, Unable to afford a year round Rental for Less than 100,000 Dollars a year... They No longer DOMINATE the Local Economy Like They Had for YEARS.

It Is TIME to TAKE BACK Main Street!

Here's To Our Finest Life,
Coach Tara
THE Main Street Champion

Coming SOON Get On the Early Bird List!