Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sandra Creates Wealth: Review Mind Valley Consciousness Engineering day 3...

Awesome Video and Blog From My Mom

Sandra Creates Wealth: Review Mind Valley Consciousness Engineering day 3...: Review Mind Valley Consciousness Engineering day 33 90day video challenge  by Vishen Lakhiani  This is a Meditation Video By Vishen...

Monday, September 22, 2014

How To Create A Tweetable FREE and Easy


This is an FREE and EASY way To Create Tweetables TWEET THIS

The More You can integrate Social Media into Your Blog Posts, The Better.
This will enhance your Social Media Optimization.

Giving Your Readers NEW ways to Share your Content generates More interest.
And Lets Face it... The First Time You saw a Tweetable You Were Dazzled and
amazed at the Ingenuity. Maybe You went scouring the internet looking for How to do it Finding Expensive tweetable creators.

This FREE and EASY way to create a Tweetable Saves You Money.
Use Your Savings to Outsource Things Your Business NEEDS;
Anything You Rather Outsource.
This Method of creating a Tweetable is JUST as Easy, If not more than The
Paid versions out there

Be Bold, BE Sassy and Be Creative.
The More Eyes you can Bring to your Valuable Content The Better. Use As Many FREE
And EASY Tools you can, Including Tweetables.
USE This Link To Create Your FREE and EASY Tweetables
And Google URL Shortner

Here's To Our Finest Life,
Coach Tara
The Mind Reset Coach

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Your BEST Shot At Wealth Is to Become an Entrepreneur!

Your BEST Shot At Wealth Is to Become an Entrepreneur!

This Information BLEW MY MIND today.

Not that I didn't suspect it all along.

The 2% is Comprised of More Than 81% SELF MADE billionaires!

That Means That They Did not inherit the money, They CREATED there Abundance.

This leaves ZERO excuses to the 98%

that Do not Do a darn thing about there situation.

Now I'm no Billionaire right now But I know this,

The Fact that I am Not, is BECAUSE of ME, My actions And My beliefs..

Not because I am a Victim of circumstance.

If you Are Struggling with your poverty,

YOU MUST do something About it NOW.


More than 4 in 5 billionaires around the world made the majority of their wealth themselves, as opposed to inheriting it, according to the survey, which measures the global billionaire population from July of 2013 to July 2014. ~ Entrepreneur Magazine

It's usually those who claim they don't care about money that are broke. Why not get wealthy? Why not become a millionaire? Why not focus on making as much money as you can?  As entrepreneurs, I know you have goals of increase your income. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, so those thriving financially  must be doing something different, right? Better yet, they must have a better perspective about money and how it’s earned?  ~ 8 Steps You Can Take Starting Today to Dramatically Increase Your Income

Here's To Our Finest Life,

Coach Tara

The Mind ReSet Coach

If you were to show me your friends, I could tell you your future." ~ Mark Ambrose  Tweet This

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Secrets Of The Rich Part 3

Impassioned Video From Robert Hollis Jr

In This Video He Discusses One of the THREE Secrets Of the Rich

OPM Or Otherwise Known As Other Peoples Money.

Watch This Video All the way as I feel The MOST powerful Part of this Content

takes place in the Last 2 minutes!

Here's To our Finest Life,

Coach Tara

The Mind ReSet Coach

YouTube Boot Camp NOW AVAILABLE!

The Time Has Come And Coach Tara's YouTube Boot Camp Is Live!
Coach Tara's YouTube Boot Camp

I could not be more excited about Sharing this YouTube Boot Camp With you!

This YouTube Marketing Course comprises of 6 Modules

  1. The 7 Core Concepts of YouTube Marketing
  2. Video Content Layout
  3. The Blue Print For The Most successful Description Box
  4. Personal and TRIBAL Social Syndication
  5. The 5 Must Have Videos For Your Channel
  6. Your YouTube Channel "Set Up For Success"
PLUS Bonuses:
Special invite To Our Google + YouTube Tribal Syndication Community
How to Create Beautiful Thumbnails
Best Practices for Sharing Your Video's ON Facebook
And SEVEN more...

TOTAL Value $197 
Available NOW for The Investment Of $47!

Don't Just Take My Word For It See What Anji Long; 

YouTube Marketing ROCK STAR and 6 Figure Earner,

 Has to Say about It

Imagine What 5 to 10 fresh New TARGETED
prospects a day would be like...

Imagine building a list to of people 
That Are attracted To You because 
They FEEL like they Know you? 

Imagine Those people visiting your content everyday 
To learn and grow because of the Value You bring. 

IMAGINE how Much easier Your Business would Be if You 
Just Knew How To Do It.
I Teach you all How I use YouTube 

Marketing to do Just that. After Learning and Applying
for Countless hours, I decided it was High Time To Share 
What I've learned in the Effort to Compress YOUR TIME.

This Course Is FOR:
- Small Business Owners
- Internet Marketers
- Grass Roots Non Profits 
- Network Marketers
- MLMers
- Bloggers
- Coaches
- Activists

This Course IS NOT FOR:
Folks looking To "Go Viral"
Or Be A YouTube Rock Star. 

This is FOR SERIOUS People Looking For SERIOUS
YouTube Training That Will Help Them Draw QUALITY People To Their Mission.

Here's To Our Finest YouTube Marketing,
Coach Tara
The Mind ReSet Coach

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How To Handle Pre Launch Jitters [Stage Fright]

How To Handle Pre Launch Jitters

If You are an Entrepreneur, You Will Find yourself

Doing Activities You Never have Before.

-Your First Blog Post

-You First Video

-Your First Prospect Phone call

-Your First Product

-Your First E- Book

You Will get Just A Little nervous Just Before You Launch

Its Good, Its Natural And It's You GROWING as a Professional In your Business.

Thats The Beauty of it all.

Jim Rohn Once Said

""After you become a millionaire, you can give all of your money away because what's important is not the million dollars; what's important is the person you have become in the process of becoming a millionaire."

Now Go LAUNCH it!!

Here's To Our Growth,

Coach Tara

The Mind ReSet Coach

Meet My AMAZING Mentors

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How NOT to Become a HATER

How NOT to Become a Hater

In Life You will come across people That will attempt to Defame you, Try to hurt you,


It may give you a feeling like you have to retaliate. You Do Not Have to Strike Back.

Their Hating on you is a Reflection of Their Lack of Understanding of Who they Really are

And Not a reflection of who you are. Do not second guess yourself, that is their goal...

Not yours, Your vision is Bigger Than That.

Your Reality Is Better Than that

And You can Resist The Urge To Lash out. Remember Water Rises to Its Own Level.

You Set Your Standard, so all you have to do is Rise up to it.

I believe in you!!

Here's To our Finest Life,

Coach Tara

The Mind ReSet Coach

Monday, September 15, 2014

Why You Should Be Using YouTube To Engage with Your Market

Why You Should Be Using YouTube to Engage With Your Market

YouTube is The Number 2 Search Engine, More And more People use YT search to learn about What They are interested in. Second only To Google.Google Owns YouTube.

YouTube is Number 2 In social Media Based off of Unique Hits.

YouTube Converts More Than Any other Social Media Sites.

People Are More engaged Here with the Content than Any other

Place and Are More likely to Click Links on the Description In order

to Learn More about The Content of the Video.

There Is Virtually ZERO competition. Only 17 % Are Actually

Creating 50 or more Videos a Year. And Of Those Even FEWER are Doing it right.

Here's To Our Finest YouTube Marketing,

Coach Tara

The Mind ReSet Coach

Get Your Coach Tara's YouTube Marketing Boot Camp CLICK HERE

Sources For Further Study:

Video converts better than other forms of content

Thursday, September 11, 2014

How NOT to Share Videos On Facebook

HOW Not To Share Video On Facebook

As a Social Media Entrepreneur, YOU need to Know this.

Facebook Has Changed There Ways when it comes to Images With

Links in the Description. THEY are Hiding it from your People.

It Is Very Important You Learn HOW to Share Video On Facebook

They WAY they Want You To... The Old way Is Gone..No More

Screen captures Of Your Video With The YouTube Link... Your

Success In Getting Your Value In front Of your Audience on Facebook


GET More FACEBOOK Video Marketing Help HERE

Here's To Our Finest Life,

Coach Tara

The Mind ReSet Coach

Google Hangouts NEW Show Case Feature

Holy Moly New Google Hangouts Show Case Feature is Going to BLOW your Mind!

Imagine The Ability To Showcase ANY website You Want To Your Audience While You Have a Live Google Hangout OR they Watch The Replay on YouTube!
This New Feature could Absolutely Transform The Entire Hangout Movement!
Next Time You are Hosting a Hangout, ACTIVATE THIS feature!

WATCH this Powerful Demonstration Here BE SURE TO CLICK The "BE Part Of The Audience Here" to Experience This FIRST hand!

BEFORE you Start your Hangout, ENABLE this APP By Clicking It

CLICK on The Tags After You have Started Your Hangout And Before You Broadcast Live

Enter The WEBSITE you Want Your Audience To Visit

If Your Audience Goes Directly To YouTube They Will Click On THIS

This Is What Your Audience Will SEE!!They Can Click The website WITHOUT leaving the Hangout Presentation!

Here's To Your Best Marketing Experience EVER!
Coach Tara
The Mind ReSet Coach

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

YouTube Marketing Tip TWO | Cure "Camera Shy" With One Simple Step

Cure "Camera Shy" with One Simple Step

No Matter if you are Just getting started Or You have already

created 100's of Videos. You may run into That crazy

nervousness And find yourself Stumbling for words, Staring off

into Space, and Busting out laughing for no logical reason.

One super simple thing YOU can do is Find a Prop,

Weather you invite someone Into your Video OR

You hold a Pen in your hand. This contact will ease your

mind and sooth your nervousness so you can

Create That Video We Want To SEE From YOU!

Here's To Our Finest Life,

Coach Tara

The Mind ReSet Coach

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

YouTube Marketing TIP ONE | Bring LIFE into Your Video's

YouTube Marketing Tip One | Bring Life Into Your Video's

Bring Life into Your Videos. Life Happens all around us,

EVEN when we are Creating Video Content For our

Business. The Dogs will Bark, The Kids will make Noise,

Your Neighbor will Choose That ever so specific time to

Mow the lawn. Thats Life, Especially when You Are a

Home Based Business Owner. Just Relax, Bring life into

your Video, like I demonstrate today, Be YOURSELF,

Be Happy And carry On .

Here's To Our Finest Life,

Coach Tara

Monday, September 8, 2014


Legacy Lifestyle Academy Review

Over The Past Two Weeks I have Been a Proud Member and Student Of The Legacy Lifestyle Academy. I Chose to become a member because I was FINALLY in the Place To Say I WANT MORE and I need Help. The Stars Aligned, The Moon settled into position and I found #LLA . This was no Accident. I have been following Anji Longs and Ben Martins Success now for the past six months or so and Have seen tremendous growth and Entrepreneurial maturity develop Along with The lifestyle that commands. I knew I was READY to be mentored, I knew That in order to Finish This year Strong and Lay the Foundations for 2015 I Could No longer Do This Alone, Nor could my business partners and I afford to WAIT until we Figured it all out. Heck I have been at this a minute, and I couldn't rightfully Be The Mentor I am if I did not Get The Mentoring I need ... and Quick. See I am in it for the Long game, however I know The Speed in which Business moves and How quickly we must learn to adapt to the Network Marketing Industry. See, no matter What level You are at or what point in your Journey, YOU need Mentorship. All You need To Be is SERIOUS about Creating Your Legacy. Lets Create The Legacy Together!

My Personal Results in two Weeks:

1- 120 NEW Subscribers

2- My First Product is Complete and will Be Launched the 18th

3- Learned How To Create A VALUE packed Funnel

4- Developed a Far More Effective Work Schedule

5- My Income Has Increased.. Earned in the last two weeks What I earned last month.. Not because Im Running hard with a company.. Because I'm running hard for myself, My Business, My Vision and My team.

The Legacy Lifestyle Academy Improves Daily As new Training's are Constantly and consistently added, Bringing Far more Value than I have seen before in a product like this.

Here's To Our Finest Life,

Coach T

ACCESS The 11 Concepts NOW

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Coach Tara's YT Marketing Boot Camp PRELAUNCH TEAM OFFER

This YouTube Marketing Boot camp is Launching the 18th.

All PRE LAUNCH people Must be on the List By the 15th. Space is Limited to

25 Boot Camp Launchers And Those Will Be THE ONLY affiliates of this

Product for the First 30 days!! 

Bonuses include a Syndication tribe To help YOU RANK those Videos As

Fast As Possible. ACT FAST ACT NOW!

Here's To Our Finest Life!!
Coach Tara